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Pressurisation Units

Pressurisation Units

NATIONWIDE WATER PRODUCTS LTD can supply many different types and makes of Pressurisation units. These may be floor standing or possibly wall mounted for the smaller compact systems.
NATIONWIDE WATER PRODUCTS LTD can supply Pressurisation Units of various types to cover working pressures from 1 bar to 25bar.
The types of units currently in our range are;
• Traditional Pressurisation Units
• Combined Vacuum Degasser & Refill Units
• Pressurisation Stations
Key features frequently include;
Twin Pumps and/or Expansion valves, Remote stop start enabling, High/Low-Pressure Alarms, Flood Alarms to warn of frequent or excessive refilling, Common or multiple fault alarms via Volt Free contacts, Internal Water Meter, Operational and Fault History logging, Remote interrogation via SMS module etc

Consideration should also be given to the initial system fill and to the method of “Back Flow protection” selected to comply with the Water Bylaws. Commercial heating systems are Category 4 risk according to the water bylaws subsequently even the “quick fill connection” should be constructed to comply with this requirement. Please refer to our section on RPZ valves for further information.

NATIONWIDE WATER PRODUCTS LTD can offer advice, guidance and calculation for any type of system be it Domestic, Commercial or Hot Water Systems.

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