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Booster Sets

Booster Sets

Booster Pumps & Booster Sets

Typically, in high rise buildings or premises with a high occupancy the mains water pressure usually isn’t sufficient to meet the high flow rates demanded or achieve adequate pressure for the Domestic hot and/or cold-water services to operate correctly. Hence Booster pumps and Booster sets can be used to increase the pressure and flow of water within the building.

NATIONWIDE WATER PRODUCTS LTD can supply a large range of Booster units suitable for increasing pressures within Domestic housing, Commercial Properties, Office blocks, Hotels, Universities, Hospitals etc.
In most situations, the booster set must be capable of providing the maximum probable simultaneous demand. Because this demand isn’t usually continuous, the duty can be shared between several pumps. Where the flow rate is relatively small a two-pump set can have each pump sized to cater for 100% of the duty, one pump acting as duty and one pump acting as standby. As an alternative arrangement each pump can be sized to 60% of maximum demand. One pump acting as duty which will operate most of the time. The second pump will operate to assist the duty pump in peak demand periods, giving more than adequate support. On systems with higher flow rates it may be more economical to split the duty between three pumps. Each pump can be sized to 50% of maximum demand. Single pumps can of course be used for simple non-critical applications.
The Booster Sets offered by NATIONWIDE WATER PRODUCTS LTD can be in several configurations which would include Floor standing units, Skid Mounted, Combined Break Tank and Booster Set Packages which can be base, or frame mounted.
Typical features of Booster Sets would be.
Isolating valves, non return valves, Anti-vibration mounting, Pressures sensors, Control Panels, Invertor Unit & Pressure Vessels

Small sets are typically provided with screwed manifolds whilst larger sets are provided with flanged manifolds.