Systems are becoming ever increasingly complex and accurate final commissioning of all equipment is required to ensure precise operation, maximise system efficiency and ensure longevity of plant. NWP Ltd can provide expert commissioning for all equipment supplied whether installed by us or your own contractor.

As a Specialist Pressurisation Company, we offer a full Commissioning service for all types of clients, including M&E Contractors, FM Companies & End User type clients such as Hotels, Universities, Local Authorities, Hospitals, Government Organisations etc.

We also provide commissioning and support services on behalf of equipment manufacturers and other 3rd party suppliers.

As Pressurisation specialists, we are familiar with all types of systems from small office environments through to large complex District Heating or Cooling systems.

These systems would include;

  • Basic fill unit & fixed gas vessel combinations
  • Compressor controlled systems
  • Closed Spill, pump controlled systems
  • Open spill units



Working to EN12828 & BS6644 we can assist with Commissioning either for New installations or for replacement units.

We will always leave details of the System “Set Up” parameters for your own records and retain copies on our own server.

Typical details recorded would be;

  • Expansion vessel size – Conformation selected size is correct.
  • System specific vessel pre-charge pressure.
  • Initial “Cold Fill” Pressure.
  • Pump start / Refill set point.
  • Max working pressure value.
  • Safety Valve lift pressure – (As per actual installed unit)
  • Expansion Pipe sizing – conformation that installed size is adequate.
  • Identification of Neutral point – Conformation this location is correct.
  • High/Low pressure alarm set points.
  • High/Low pressure “system interlock” set points.

Pre-Commissioning visits:

We are also able to offer pre-commissioning visits for installations where it is of paramount importance to confirm that complex installations have been carried out correctly and to discuss the correct strategy and program ahead of bringing the plant online.

We are also directly supported by several key industry manufacturers which further enhances the technical support and back up that is available to our clients.

This is a specialist trade and can cost you dearly if you get it wrong.


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